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Recruitment of various in Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

Ministry  of Railways, Govt. of India

Rail Coach Factory  (Kapurthala)


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Notice No.A-1I2021 Dated  11.01.2022

01.    Engagement   of Act Apprentices  for t~aining under the Apprenticeship  Act.1961. On  line. 

applications  are  invited  in  the  prescribed  format  f      .                      . .

Apprentices  for  imparting  training  in Technical  Trainin   or  enga?ement  of  remaining 56 Act­ under the  Apprenticeship Act 1961 for the 1’4    I1  dg Centre, _R~II  Coac~ Factory (Kapurthala) applications•      online      on’   bodwlngtra  es. The eligible candidates can register their

    prescrje  proforma  on  the    thori   db’  of Rail Coach   we site 

On 31.01 .2022

after 24 00 hours    apurt  a a by 31.01.2022  upto 24.00hours.

Medical Fitness Certificate  for Engagement  of ACT Apprentices  in RCF/Kapurthala
N0———————                                                 Dated: ————:..—- Name 0f Hospi tal: ———— Name 0f Hospi tal: ————————
P Iace: ———————————–
It is certified that Sh.lSmt.lMs—————————————————–S/o/D/o/Wo      Sh——–
————————————————————      was medically examined  on date——————- and was  found physically  &  Mentally  fit to be engaged as an Apprentice  as per Apprentices  Act,
1961 and Para-4 of Apprenticeship  Rules 1992.
Paste recent passport size photograph  here
Signature of Doctor (Gazetted) Name of the Doctor————­ Deslgnatton——————­
Signature of the Candidate
In the presence of Medical Examiner
Verified by Medical Examiner Stemp:

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