Recruitment of various post in MANIPUR PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION


Applications  are  invited  for  the  Manipur  Civil  Services  Combined  Competitive  (Preliminary) Examination, 2019 under the Manipur Public Service Combined Competitive Examination Rules,

2018  for  selecting   candidates  for  the   Main  Examination  for   recruitment  to  the  following


Note :-1. Persons  suffering  from not less than 40% of the relevant  disability   shall  alone be eligible  for the benefit of reservation.
2. The   candidate    should    be   in   possession    of   disability    certificate    in   the prescribed  form issued  by the competent  authority  in this regard.
The  number  of vacancies  is liable to  change.   The  plan and  syllabi of the  Combined
Competitive Examination is uploaded in the
2.  Centre of Examination:  Imphal
3.  Eligibility  Conditions:
(i) The candidate must be a citizen of India.
(ii)  A candidate must be able to speak Manipuri or any of the Tribal Dialects of Manipur. (iii)      A candidate must be a permanent resident of Manipur provided that  a candidate
whose  parent or any of his/her ancestors in his/her direct lineage are permanent 
lineage   are  permanent   resident   of  the  State,  with  proper   documentary    proof   like enrolment   in the Electoral  Roll and Birth Certificate  will also be eligible.
(iv)  Age  Limit:   
 (a) Shall  not be less than  21 years  and not more than  38 years  as on
15t  of July, 2019.
(b) The  upper  age  limit  is relaxable  by 5 years  for  SC/ST,  3 years  for  OBC  and  10 years  for  Persons  with  Disabilities.   Candidates   belonging   to  SC/ST/OBC   who  are also  physically   handicapped   will  be  eligible   for  grant  of  cumulative   age  relaxation under  both the categories.
Save as provided  above, the age limits  prescribed  can in no case be relaxed.
(v) Educational    Qualifications:
A  candidate   must  hold  a degree  of any of the  Universities   incorporated   by an Act  of the  Central  or State  Legislature  in India  or other  Educational   Institutions  established by an Act  of Parliament  or declared  to be deemed  as a University  under  Section  3 of the  University  Grants  Commission  Act,  1956 or possess  an equivalent  qualification.
Note:1 All  candidates,   who  are  declared   qualified   by  the  Commission   for  taking Combined  Competitive   (Main)  Examination  will be required  to produce  proof of passing  the requisite  examination   along with their  application  for the Main Examination    failing   which   candidates    will  not  be  admitted   to  the   Main Examination.
Note:2Candidates   possessing   professional   and technical   qualifications   which  are recognized   by the Government   as equivalent  to  professional   and technical degree  would  also be eligible  for admission  to the  Examination.
Note:3 Candidates   who  have  passed   the  final  professional    MBBS  or  any  other Medical  Examination   but have  not completed  their  Internship  by the time  of submission     of    their    application     for    Combined     Competitive      (Main) Examination,   will be provisionally   admitted  to the Examination   provided  they submit  along  with their  application   a copy  of certificate  from  the  concerned authority  of the University/Institution.   that they had passed  the requisite  final professional   medical   examination.    In  such  cases,   the  candidates   will  be required   to  produce   at  the  time  of  their  interview,   original   degree   or  a certificate       from      the      concerned       competent       authority       for      the University/Institution    that  they   had  completed   all  requirements    (including completion  of Internship)  for award  of the Degree.
(vi) No. of attempts:
(a) 6(six)  attempts  for general  candidates,
 (b) 9 (nine) attempts  for OBCs,
(c) No restriction  for SC/ST candidates  who are otherwise  eligible.
(d)  A physically   disabled  person  will  get  as  many  attempts   as  are  available  to other non-physically   handicapped   candidates  of his or her community,  subject to the condition  that a physically  handicapped  candidate   belonging  to General Category  shall  be eligible  for seven  attempts.  The  relaxation  will be available to  the   physically    handicapped    candidates    who   are   eligible   to   avail   of reservation  applicable  to such candidates. 
I.An attempt  at a Preliminary   Examination   shall  be deemed  to be an attempt  at the  Examination.
II. Notwithstanding    the  disqualification/cancellation      of  candidature,   the  fact  of appearance   of the candidate  at the examination  will count  as an attempt.
The  online   application   should   be  applied   at     w.e.f.   10-01-2019 upto   12:00  midnight    of  03-02-2019   after  which  the  link  will  be disabled.   Submission   of application  in any other mode will not be entertained.
(I)  Before   applying   for   the   post,   candidates    should    register   as   per   “ONE   TIME REGISTRATION”    scheme   through   the  official   website   of  Manipur   Public   Service Commission   i.e.     .
Candidates   need to  upload  and full details  before  applying  any post.  Once  the ONE TIME  REGISTRATION    is completed,   candidates   need to fill up and  complete  his/her PROFILE  by submitting  all the relevant  details.  This  includes:
a) Upload  Passport  Photograph,  signature  etc. b)   Add  Personal  Information.
c)  Add  Parents  Information.
d) Add  Educational   Information.
e) Add  Language  and  Physical  Nature.
f)  Add Experience.
Once  the  above-mentioned    processes   are  completed,   only  then  the  candidate   can apply for the post.
(II) Candidates   who  are  already   registered   user  of  the  portal  may  directly   login  and apply.
(III) Candidates   are  responsible   to  ensure  correctness   of the  personal   information   and secrecy  of password  and they  shall  keep in mind the user 10 and the mobile  number for further  communication.   Applications   which  are  submitted   not in accordance   with the   instructions    will   be   summarily    rejeeted.   Documents    to   prove   qualifications, experience,   age.  community  etc. have to be produced  as and when  called  for by the Commission.     Any   variance    in   the   documents     submitted    online    and   physical documents   will be summarily  rejected.
Fee:Candidates   are required  to pay a fee of Rs. 60’O/-for  General  & OBC and for Rs. 4001- for     SC    &    ST    by    using     net    banking,     Visa/Master      Card/Debit      Card    through     portal.  No fee is payable  for DAP (Differently  Abled  Candidates)
Note  1:  Candidates   should  note that  payment  of examination  fee  can be made  only through  online  mode  as mentioned  above.  Payment  of fee through  any other  mode is neither valid  nor acceptable.   Application   submitted  without  prescribed  fee/mode shall  be summarily rejected.
Note  2:   Fee  once  paid shall  not be refunded  under  any circumstances   nor can the fee be held in reserve  for any other examination  or selection.
Note  3:   For the Applicants   in whose  case  payments  details  have  not been  received from  the  bank,  they will  be treated  as fictitious  payment  cases  and their  applications   will be rejected   in  the  first   instance.   A  list  of  such  applicants   shall  be  made   available   on  the Commissions   website  within  3(three)  days  after the  last date  of their  fee  payment  within  10 days from  the  date  of such  communication   to the  Commission.   On receipt  of documentary proof,  genuine  fee payment  cases will  be considered  and their applications  will be revived,  if they are otherwise  eligible. 
In case  of any  problem   being  faced  in the  processing    of the online   application,    drop  a mail  at [email protected]          along   with   your   phone   number   and  problem being  faced  from  your  registered    user  mail  ID.
7.All  candidates   in service   other  than  casual  or  muster  roll  will  be  required  to  state  in the Application   Form  that  they  have  informed  in writing  their  employer/controlling    authority  that they  have  applied   for  the  examination.   In  case  the  employer   or  the  controlling   authority withholds   permission   to the  candidate’s   applying  at the examination   their  application  will be
rejected  and his/her  candidature  will be liable to be cancelled.
8.The  eligible   candidates shall  be  issued   an  e-Admission Certificate.     The   e-Admlssion
certificate           will be          made          available          in the          MPSC          website         for  downloading   by the  candidates  from
09-02-2019   No admission  Certificate  will be issued from  MPSC  Office or sent by post.
9. No  candidate   will  be  admitted   to  the  Examination   unless   he/she   holds  an  e-Admission
Certificate  issued  by the Commission  for the purpose.
10.The decision  of the Commission   as to the eligibility  or otherwise  of a candidate  for admission to the Examination  shall  be final.  If on veTification at any time  before  or after the Examination and  Interview,  it is found  that a candidate  does not fulfil any of the eligibility  condition,  his/her candidature  for the Examination  will be cancelled  by the Commission.
11.  The schedule  for the preliminary  examination  will be notified  separately
Copy to:
1.Secretary to Governor of Manipur.
2. Secretary to Chief Minister, Manipur.
3.PS to Chairman/Members, MPSC.
4. Staff Officer to Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur.
5. Deputy Secretaryztlnder Secretary/Registrar/Sections Officers, MPSC.
6. Director, Doordarshan Kendra, lrnphal. He/she is requested to display in the screen of the TV for benefit to generar public.
7. News Editor (Appt. & Employment), AIR, lmphal. He/she is requested to announce it over Radio in all dialects as News Item.
8. The news Editor-in-Chief, ISTV/ IMPACT TV, Imphal, Manipur. He is requested to
display on TV screen for information to candidate.
9.Official websites of MPSC and
10. Notice board, MPSC.
11. Guard File, MPSC, lrnphal.

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